Saturday, 20 January 2007

Feeling Pretty Pleased With Myself !!

I have had a fabulous day today. Managed to complete my project from Shimelle's 'I Have to Confess' online class.
It was a bit hit and miss though, I was frantically taking photo's this morning and then rushed out to get them developed !! I am really pleased with the finished results and would like to thank Shimelle for this free class.

I will definately be signing up for future classes with her . On a less creative note bought some rather practical green wellies this morning just in case the weather forecast is right and we do get some SNOW !!!!

Love Nicola xxx


Jenny said...

I saw your link at Shimelle's blog and thought I would take a peek at your confessions album.

Really cute! Wasn't this class a lot of fun? I was in the same boat as you yesterday morning, trying to take pictures of everything to go in my album! I finally got it done, then had to run out to a scrapbook store for some last minute supplies. But I did get it done.

Thanks for sharing, it came out great!

Kim said...

This is fab! Love that all done feeling - thanks for sharing - it looks wonderful!

Eleni said...

Hello fellow classmate ... I'm currently doing the project ... hope to finish it tomorrow ... I find Shimelle's classes so inspiring ... I'm sure I'll see you in another one soon! Great work you did!

Katie Jones said...

I love your take on the class.

Latharia said...

Hit and miss? You're crazy! It turned out wonderfully!!! :) I've posted my cover & will be posting my pages later!

Jenny said...

Your confessions book looks great. I enjoyed this class too - I am amazed I actually finished a project so quickly. Oh, and we have the same telephone confession. I loathe them too