Tuesday, 10 July 2007

I am home alone today, it doesn't happen very often.

Lulu is at her new high school today for an induction day in preparation for starting in September. I thought it would be nice to book a day off work and take her there and pick her up. I am a very proud but slightly nervous Mummy today !

So what does a girl do with free time ?? Scrap of course LOL !

I will hopefully have a productive day and be back soon with some piccies to share.

BTW , today is the closing date for the Spoonful of Sprinkles DT call comp. I was quite pleased with my entry that is until I saw the others !! Theres some awesome talent and the standard is very high. Hey ho - probably pt this down to experience as well :)

Cath ya laters

N xx

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Laura G said...

don't let thatput you off! got to be in it to win it!