Tuesday, 21 August 2007

And now a Snake !!

While we were on holiday a man came to our hotel with snakes !! I think it was supposed to be entertaining but as I have a bit of a phobia where snakes are concerned it was more like torture !!

Lulu wasn't phased at all and happily posed for a photo with the Snake around her neck, rather her than me - scary !!

I was rather pleased with this LO particularly as I used some very old stash, which is always good to mention when looking for an excuse to buy more LOL !!

Nicola xx


Wilmurten said...

Well done Lulu you are braver than me, and a lovely LO Nicola
Lisa x

Kelly said...

eugh to the snake but love the page xx

mum on the run said...

Great LO and a fab photie!!

Karen said...

Lovely LO - snake not so lovly!