Sunday, 19 August 2007

Sting !!

Had an 'interesting' morning , we had discovered a wasps nest in the eaves of our cottage and there was quite a lot of activity. A man came round this morning with his magic powder to deal with them and even he remarked on what an active nest it was (great!!). Anyway when he did the deed , literally hundreds of the little beggars came flying out !! Scary or what!

Going to pop out soon and will pop into 'The Range' to see what they have , of course I only 'need' glue LOL !! But who knows what will fall into my basket and DD has her eye on some scummy bead kits, will let you know.

Later I MUST upload my holiday photo's to Photobox otherwise I will have nothing to scrap with next week at Wyverstone !!

Love Nicola xx

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