Thursday, 22 November 2007

Meet Etta Mae

Very naked and waiting to start her 'round robin' voyage to discover her personality !!

She is part of an Art Doll 'round robin' on UKS and will be getting skin, face hair and clothes completed on her journey, next time we see her will be February , so here's looking at you kid !!

I will be getting a naked doll to work on soon, the skin is the first step and I quite fancy using some glimmer sprays. Will keep you all up to date as the dolls go round.

Nicola xx


valerie said...

she looks really cool nicola

Helsbells said...

What a great idea Nicola! Can't wait to see how she turns out and what you do to the ones you receive :)

Jane said...

Great idea, I have never seen this type of RR before, and will be watching with interest!

kathj said...

coooooooooool I love this idea