Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Busy bee and bye bye CJ.......

A bowl of cherries...right now that is just how my life is ;-) , and I have used that theme on the last CJ entry that I have just done for the We Love Basic Grey CJ over on UKS. If that doesn't make sense I mean that I have decided that I am not going to do any more CJ's , they are fab and I have been so lucky to have been part of three super CJ groups , but I think its time to do some other stuff :)

Talking of other stuff I have some secret squirrel work to be getting on with and a crop on saturday so better buzz off and get on with it !!

TFL xx


Debbie said...

Oh I hate those secret squirrel comments. I'll be all unsettled until I know now!!

Helsbells said...

Gorgeous entry Nicola.
I think I'm having a break from cj's too. I just can't commit and keep up with it all - life gets in the way and I let people down.

Looking forward to seeing all the finished books!

Hope you're well - you're certainly industrious with all these lovely cards. You need to go into business!

Hugs xx