Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Sewing time !

Now , don't get me wrong ...Scrapbooking is my major love you know the thing that i just have to do but sometimes I feel the need to cheat on her a little and do something else , just for a little while so that I can go back to her all refreshed and inspired.
When I feel like that its needlecraft that I turn to , generally knitting but I had the urge to sew and so my idea for a fancy little apron came about. Now this was supposed to be a quick sewing fix but ended up taking ages and I'm very proud of the finished item and its just for scrapping in , not cooking !!! no no no !! it might get dirty ...eek !
A big thank you to Janice for her invaluable advice and the loan of one of her aprons so I could make a pattern :)
If you pop back tomorrow I might just show you my crochet too ;-)
TFL xx


Coley said...

This is fantastic. I love everything about it. clever you x

Janice said...

Oh wow - that is one seriously gorgeous Pinny Miss!

Well done you ;)

Lisa said...

Love the pinny:)
Lisa x