Sunday, 2 May 2010

Bliss !

Ahhh! Beautiful , soft, snuggly Debbie Bliss yarn. This little bundle of happiness (well slightly more yarn than this LOL ) arrived yesterday from Laughing Hens .

I was once an avid and quite accomplished knitter but as we all know there are so many hobbies and not enough hours in the day for all of them and knitting sat quietly in the background waiting for her turn in the limelight once more ! I am making a yummy Union Jack cushion (see a couple of posts down for pic)   from the Debbie Bliss magazine , I can't believe just how beautiful this yarn is it makes me so happy just holding it :) and as for the needles ...check these out ...

Art Viva , hand made Tasmanian Oak knitting needles from sustainably harvested timber and made with natural organic oils ....OMG , I love then and now *need* them in every size !!

Off to knit now ...xx

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