Monday, 27 September 2010

An Island Adventure ...(picture heavy post)

The weekend in Jersey was fantastic , its such a beautiful place with stunning scenery and a fascinating heritage and always gives me a very special feeling of being abroad but feeling right at home if that make sense ...I love it !!!

The flight was a bit of a worry for me , although its a short journey from Gatwick its a small plane and all the lumpy bumpy bits feel so much worse especially as it was mighty windy on Friday. I needn't have worried as Lorraine and I had such a giggle over a rather dubious advert. in the flight magazine that before I knew it our Captain 'Spencer' had announced 10 minutes to landing ...and this made us giggle even more as Lorraine's daughter Kirsty has a cat called Spencer so we giggled about the idea of a cat in a pilots uniform flying a plane with his little ginger paws ......!!

Anyway I digress....we were amazed by how pretty the venue for the event was ...

The Church hall of St Saviours Church, architecturally stunning outside and full of history and detail inside. Incidentally,  St Saviour's church is linked with the name of Lillie Langtry. She was born in the Rectory, and married twice in the church. She was later buried in the churchyard.

I taught two classes to the lovely Jersey & Guernsey Ladies ...

'Stars In Your Eyes' 

Play with some polygons and see bright lights before your eyes with the funky colours and patterns in this 12x12 LO class with a difference. You will soon feel the connection as you create a design that is sure to make a point!

A fabby class with super cute Sassafras and some cool dimensional stars.

and then ...

'Hip To Be Square' - by Nicola Kerridge

A class of equal sides and 90 degree angles but don't let that fool you into thinking it will be like a tedious maths class - far from it with bright colours, fun elements and hip ideas!

Everyone had great fun using overlays in a different way and loved the bold colours scheme of this class.

Lorraine and Janice taught some beautiful classes too's a peek ...

I think our happy faces say it all , we loved it in Jersey !!!

I hope we GoGo to Jersey again one day ...:D


Janice said...

It was a fab weekend Nic and it was great to spend the time together :) I need to wear high heels for future photos!!! :) :)

lucy said...

Hi Nicola, We took part in a crochet swap over a year ago. Could you please get in touch with me, I have lost your e mail address.
Hope you are well. x x