Friday, 29 July 2011

My GoGo August so far ...

Create and Go 2 Pieces

DH and I were marvelling at the fact that we have been together for 17 years !!! I thought it would be a nice tribute to 'us' to commemorate this in a LO.
The photo's were taken using self timer at Helmingham Hall Gardens this month , the camera lens was peeping through the grass hence the soft green effect at the foreground , I love the way they turned out

The Go 2 Pieces for August is amazing and so plentiful , layering is deffo the way to go ...

How pretty are the free Hybrids this month , I was delighted to see the rose border as I had just the LO in mind.
The photos were taken at Helmingham Hall in Suffolk where they have the most beautiful gardens, Ivan was admiring the roses when I surrepticiously snapped him !

I've used the hybrid filigree journal spot as mat for my paper roses and the hybrid rose border has been separated to make lots of little accent roses. The gorgeous hybrid alpha looks fab offset on a polka dot red mat from the Crate paper.
This free hybrid element of GoGo kits is such a bonus as with a couple of pieces of paper and soem printed hybrids you can create LO after LO
The banner journal spot from MME makes the perfect centrepiece to build up all the G2P goodies on.

I'll have a couple more August lovelies to share with you all soon :)

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