Thursday, 5 April 2012

Getaway Round Up

Well you've seen the peeks so i thought it was high time I shared the full projects :)

First Edition - The altered book class that got us all gluey and sticky!

and some shots of the inside ..

Perfect for Wedding pics !

Here's 'Come dine with...' , a LO class with misting over everyday items like cutlery ...

Next , all aboard the 'Magic Roundabout' a carousel style mini book ...from the outside

and on the inside :) complete with bunting!

And finally 'Spiffing Idea!' a retro humour based class , more about subtle wit than being a complicated design ;)

So , I hope you enjoyed my classes but of course there's an old saying that you can't please all of the people all of the time ... 

See you all soon, 


Hello said...

Oh how I wished I could have split myself in half and done all your classes, they were fab, I am never disappointed. Roll on October. xx

Sarahjpacker said...

I did the Carousel class and loved it :) Thanks again Lisa xx