Friday, 2 July 2010

Cool Britannia !

Well , there's no doubt where the title for this LO came from is there !! I love all the shabby chic style Union Jack pretties that are around just now far I have , tea towels , mug, Emma Bridgwater Notebook, my lovely knitting (its going to be a cushion), and of course now I can add the absolute 'must have' of the season the exclusive GoGo stamps !!! 


I used the stamps to create the row of white embossed Union Jack flags , seriously how can you not love them ???? So if you now need them as much as I did HERE and get yours ;-)

Oh and see the cute little flags in my cupcakes ??? They were made from the free hybrid download for July ...yummy !!

Thanks for stopping by xxx


Rachel said...

aww seriously cute page hun x

Janice said...

Totally gorgeous!!!

Eileen said...

Cool indeed