Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday love

Well so far today has been interesting and not in quite such a good way as yesterday ...

We popped out this morning for a few bits and bobs, Tesco for a paper and then to Argos for a new set of Ipod earphones (i have inherited Lu's old Nano) but halfway round our little route the car decided to have a hissy fit , literally and overheat !
We managed to splutter into McDonalds carpark (handy for loo and coffee ) and awaited the AA who were amazingly quick and helpful , a poorly water pump was identified as the culprit and we were then promptly loaded onto a recovery vehicle and the car dropped off at the garage and us home. Just need to find out what the ££ damage is tomorrow ...GULP !!

Anyway , on a more positive note , we are home safe and well and uploading 'stuff' to our respective ipods and generally relaxing :D

So before I go I'll just leave you with a couple of LO's from last Novembers GoGo kit would be rude not to share some pretties !!

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