Monday, 12 December 2011

Exciting news !!!



After conducting indepth market research on what our members and customers would like to see from ScrapaGoGo during 2012 and beyond, we wish to inform YOU as one of those valued members, of a change to the structure of GoGo Create monthly kits.

ScrapaGoGo has always been in the forefront of ensuring that UK crafters receive the best quality, top notch array of scrapbooking items and unusual supplies to enable you to create beautiful designs and projects. It is with this in mind, and our continued commitment to this ethos, that we feel the time has come to put together a more 'purse friendly package' to help support and nurture YOU as a valued customer with your hobby. With most household budgets being squeezed tighter and tighter we are confident that ScrapaGoGo's launch of this budget busting monthly kit will not only save you money but will also enable you to plan into your personal budget a set amount to spend on your hobby in the most cost effective and inspirational way possible.

Starting with February 2012 Kit

Tell Me More!
Delivery schedule will remain the same, invoicing schedule will remain the same; as will our continued excellent customer service. The changes you will see will be to the content of the kits. Each month your 'Essentially GoGo' Kit will comprise of the following:

5 12x12 Quality Papers
3 12x12 Bazzill Cardstock
1 Alphabet
1 Bespoke Embellishment Pack
1 Exclusive Stamp
1 Sheet Exclusive Hybrids
1 Idea Booklet

PLUS access to the Clubhouse Forum where classes and ideas will be uploaded each and every month.... sounds great for £14.99 postage included doesn't it!!!

What Do I Need To Do Now?
If you wish to continue with our brand new kit structure subscription the only thing you need to do is change your payment to the lower amount (now that makes a refreshing change doesn't it!) of £14.99.

If you have a standing order with your bank simply ask them to change the payment to £14.99 commencing with your JANUARY PAYMENT.

If you have a subscription set with Paypal you will need to STOP this after your DECEMBER payment and await a new invoice and reoccurring payment option during January. Simply follow the instructions on the new invoice at that time.

If you pay via Paypal when you receive an invoice you do not need to do anything but wait until your next invoice.

Are the Terms the Same?
Yes, all our terms and conditions of stopping a subscription will remain the same customer friendly option.

If however you wish to cease your subscription BEFORE the changes take place you will need to submit an online cancellation form before the end of December 2011. Your last kit would be January 2012.

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